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Here at Craven Transport we specialise in the loading and haulage of sugarbeet.  During the sugarbeet season we work tirelessly 7 days a week to ensure that big tonnages can be moved to meet with the day to day allocation set by the factory.  We have recentely purchased a brand new JCB 434 which will be paired with the new state of the art CTM9553 XL cleaner.  We also have another JCB 434 which is paired with a CTM9003 XL cleaner.  Both sugarbeet cleaners are remote controlled from within the loader, meaning the cleaner can be moved around the beet pad with ease and also proving that we are up to date with the new machinery on the market.  Not only that but having the two cleaners and loaders ensures that lorries can be loaded quickly and efficientely.  Given the fact we also have a brand new ROPA Maus loading is now even more efficent and quicker than ever before and loading a lorry in 4 minutes makes us one of the most efficent hauliers on the job.  We make sure this is all done to the highest standard possible whether were loading off the beet pad or tipping in the factory, giving us at cravens a reputation to be proud of.

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