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Transport & Farm


Andrew Craven


Andrew started the company with just one lorry in 1993 and 30 years on the company has now grown to a fleet of 26.  As well as organizing the lay out for the sugar beet, Andrew is normally on and around the farm, loading lorries with wheat from the stores on site or loading sugar beet in the beet season.  He has seen the company grow and advance over the years.  He is always looking to expand and introduce new ideas so the company is always moving forward.


Tom Smalley

Transport Manager

Tom joined the company in 2012, having previously worked at another local haulage firm. Having been in the industry since 2010. He manages the fleet of 26 lorries and other subcontract vehicles. Tom has an exceptional ability of creating daily live route planning and task scheduling. He is a highly motivated and results-oriented person which makes him a great asset to our company. He also possess the ability to create fantastic relationship with our customers.


James Craven

BSc Agriculture with Crop Management

James become fully involved in the company at the end of 2019 having graduated from the Harper Adams University in Shropshire. James's interests lie in all aspects of farm work, however he especially enjoys preventative health care planning for poultry. He supervises chicken sheds across the farm. 


Tom Craven

BSc (Hons) Agriculture with Crop Management

Tom become fully involved in the company at the end of 2016 having graduated from the Harper Adams University in Shropshire. He is mainly involved in organising and planning sugar beet loading and delivering. Tom's daily tasks involves farm spraying and drilling.


Judy Craven

Director, Accounts

Andrew's wife Judy is a valuable member of the office team. She encourages the team to be the best they can be. Her empathy and care creates healthy work environment. Judy is looking after invoices, wages and accounts. She is involved in financial customer service.

Sophie Motley

Book keeper

Sophie joined the company in October 2016. She works in the accounts department of the company and deals with both the farm accounts and the haulage accounts. She is fully up to date with all the new software which is needed for this role and is responsible for paying the farm workers wages.

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